Have you been dreaming of hunting in Africa ?

A tree standing tall in the grasslands of Africa

Do you dream of hunting in the wilds of Africa?  We have, and we do. Now we are doing something about it.  

Lodge door at camp, made by my friend.

Let us assist you in planning your African safari.  We work with Savannah Safaris Namibia 

The hunting area (Torra concervancy) is a 1,000,000 acre wilderness with free roaming game. You will see herds of Mountain Zebra and Springbok, as well as Gemsbok and Kudu on a daily basis. Torra is also home to lion, leopard, desert elephant, & Black Rhino. Due to the semi-arid desert this is a mostly unspoiled habitat loaded with game. 

Sable at the farm.

Guestfarm Otjitambi

Family owned since 1903
Hunting ranch since 1963

28,787 acres of ideal habitat for a variety of plains game 

*Comfortable rooms
*Hot springs
*Great food & great people
*Individual photo & hunting safaris 

Greater Kudu

We offer plainsgame hunts as well as dangerous game hunts.   From luxury lodges to tented camps.

We can  assist you from doorstep to doorstep: All necessary firearms import permits

Assistance with the entry process

Equipment recommendations

Taxidermy recommendations

Return shipment processing of your trophies back home.

Free range elephants.

Africa is truly a hunters paradise and Namibia is the jewel of Africa. If you have never been, what are you waiting for?

The hunt is not just about the animal.

Remember, life is short.
You can borrow money, but you can't borrow time.  Don't wait, go now.